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    Hello, my name is NskLord, i've recetly joined your server after 5 years of not playing CABAL because it looks like a solid server with a lot of work put into. Today i just got tagged with @everyone on the general channel just for a facebook video which i cant even see unless i have a facebook account. I've been in hundreads of discord servers and i know that all owners control how often @everyone is used in order to not molest the server inmates. I just asked this red administrator (cant remember his name)why everyone gets tagged in random stuff which is not either important or usefull, and not even on youtube. And he talked to me like i was the last trash on earth. He told me that this is his server and i can leave ( he told me to leave 5 times, completly ignoring what i was saying). So i asked about his age and i got banned from discord lol. What kind of man you have in the staff? No reasons, no arguing, he abuses of power. Me as a player i felt disrespected and treated like a shit for what? Just for asking why he abuses @everyone ( which is a totaly normal question considering that all servers treat it gently) . An admin role is to treat players with respect, answer doubts, help be kind... Im sorry to say but for this i will leave this server and take my friends with me to another CABAL.

    Short version: he tagged everyone for a facebook video, i asked why he uses @everyone for something so futile and i got treated like a garbage and banned . He didnt even hesitate to ban, all this took place in less than 3 mins
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