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    First of All, You need a 'Core Alchemist Transmuter'
    (Quest available at Port Lux Core Alchemist)


    Go to Port Lux 'Craft Merchant Shop' and get the Craft Stone No.003.
    Right Click to register it to your basic craft.


    Press 'F' to reach your craft menu. Go to Basic Craft (General)
    And Craft 1x 'Circuit Jevel Lv.7'

    Go to Port Lux 'Craft Merchant Chloe'
    Find 'New Material Development Support' Quest and do it.

    You can do this only '1' time per day. It is a daily quest. You will need the Chloe's Token to level up your basic craft (proof epaulet) and some other craft items like Quest Rings.
    Don't forget to get it everyday. It is an important thing :)


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