[GUIDE] MERIT MASTERY (Mission War & Rewards)

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    How to Get Mission War Rewards?

    Once join Mission War,
    you have to make atleast minimum
    100 Score to get main War Rewards.
    Making 150 score will give you and extra reward and some more Wexp.You can check your current score in Mission War by click ' V ' .

    We suggest to reach the score atleast before last 4 minutes of war because game takes time to save your war data and you might not get your rewards. Or just relog by Select Server if you made the score late.


    You will receive your Rewards by Mail after war end.
    Doesn't matter Win or Lose, just need to reach the required Score.



    Exchange War Experience (WEXP) for Items-Honor

    You can find the Wexp Shop NPC in Green Despair to exchange your wexp for valuable items.

    You can also exchange your wexp to honor points as old way from NPC Morison in Port Lux.



    There are some special Merit Skills.
    You can get them by ' Fire Emblem '

    Fire Emblem can be obtained from Only Mission War Reward.


    You can buy your Merit Skill books by using the fire emblem from Abyss NPC in Bloody Ice.

    You have to start from LvL 1. For example you can't learn directly Lv.2 or lv10.
    Please buy your skill books carefully which Level you need. No Return-No Exchange Policy!


    Merit Skills have 3 categories.
    You can buy and learn all of merit skills from Lv1 to Lv10.
    You have to start from LvL 1 skills. For example; you can't learn directly Lv.2 or lv10.





    Reward Table

    Normal War
    100 Score
    Alz Potion (Random 1m to 25m)
    Wexp Potion (Random 50 to 300)
    Honor Potion (Random 500k to 3m)
    Safeguard (High) (1)
    Fire Eggs (Random 5 to 25)
    Fire Emblems (Random 1 to 10)
    E-Coins (5)

    150 Score
    Safeguard (Highest) (1)

    Flag War
    (Saturday & Sunday 09:00am)
    Alz Potion (50m)
    Wexp Potion (1000)
    Honor Potion (5m)
    Safeguard (High) (3)
    Safeguard (Highest) (3)
    Fire Eggs (50)
    Fire Emblems (15)
    E-Coins (100)


    "Mission War Times"
    12:00am , 03:00am , 06:00am , 09:00am 12:00pm , 03:00pm , 06:00pm , 09:00pm

    (Servertime. Type /time and Enter ingame Chat to see current game time)


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