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    :eek: 1. Hacks, exploits , bug exploits

    -Any kind of hack, exploit, or bug exploit is considered illegal and is a bannable offense.
    -This includes use of
    any 3rd party program to manipulate or modify the game, using known ingame bugs for ones advantage, and exploiting game mechanics in a malicious way.

    :eek: 1.1 Mission War exploits

    -Creating dummy accounts / characters of the opposite nation and logging them into the game to manipulate the Waiting List is strictly prohibited.
    -Constant relogging for infinite Battle Mode is not allowed.
    Gate glitching is not allowed.
    Force Tower score abuse by FT Panels not allowed.

    :eek: 2. Macro / AFK leveling and farming

    -AFK farming and leveling using a macro is allowed.

    :eek: 3. Impersonating a Staff Member

    -Impersonating any Staff member is not allowed.
    -This includes
    exploiting the website function of adding a tag in front of your name, or pretending to be a Staff member on a regular account.
    All staff members can be identified by a tag in front of their name ( [GM] [EM] (GA) (CM) )

    :eek: 4. Disrespecting a Staff Member

    Every CodeZero Staff member should be addressed and treated with respect.

    This also implies for the Staff members themselves when interacting with players. Failure to follow this rule will result in punishment.
    If you think a Staff member is being disrespectful or breaking any rules, feel free to notify an Admin or a [GM] via Discord with evidence of the claim, DO NOT take matters in your own hands.

    :eek: 5. Ingame items / Trading items

    -The server holds no responsibility over loss of items via scam or player mistake. Your items are your responsibility.
    -If you purchased a wrong item from a NPC, Auction House, Webshop, or another player, it will not be refunded.
    Always look twice when purchasing items!

    :eek: 5.1 Scamming

    As mentioned above the server holds no responsibility for scamming. The lost items will not be returned, because it is player's own mistake. Be careful.

    CodeZero Staff will NEVER ask for account details under normal circumstances!
    This does not include services like Class change service. In these cases, the player and Staff will communicate in advance prior to the process.

    :eek: 6. Item loss due to Server-sided issues

    In case any item is lost due to a Server-sided issue (For example, a Server crash which would produce a rollback, leading to loss of items dropped from chests in a dungeon), compensation can be given out, however specific items cannot be given back to a player due to lack of server logs at the time of the malfunction.

    :eek: 7. Global Language

    We are an international server and Ingame general chats (Normal/Shout) are ONLY ENGLISH. Same rule also for Discord server.
    You can choose to
    create Chat Channels ingame, or move to International Chat of your language in Discord.

    Incase spam non-English and do not follow the rule, the account will be punished.
    Ban durations:

    1st offense: 1 days
    2nd offense: 3 days
    3rd offense: 7 days
    4th offense: PERMANENT

    :eek: 8. Accounts

    Your account is your responsibility, just like the items.
    You can share your account with friends and family, however the Server will hold no responsibility should something happen to it in the process.

    Should a player decide to quit the game, they can give their account away, in this case the same rules apply to the new account owner. Players should avoid accepting accounts from people they don't know, as the account in question may be stolen or otherwise tampered with. This could lead to the players main account being suspended.

    Staff members are not allowed to share Staff accounts with anybody, doing so will result in the Staff member being immediately removed from the team.

    :eek: 9. Inappropriate language

    Insulting a player any way and offensive words are not allowed. It will lead you from duration to permanent block if continue even after warnings.
    This includes
    derogatory terms, racial slurs, and curse words. This rule also applies to character, pet, and Guild names.

    :eek: 10. Advertising

    Advertisement and promotion of other Cabal private servers, scamming/keylogger sites, and 3rd party programs is a bannable offense.

    :eek: 11. Regarding banned accounts


    Other bannable offenses ban duration
    - Ban duration is subject to the reasoning of the Ban.
    - Range from 1 day to Permanent.

    Players with permanently banned accounts (except from hack/exploit) can submit a request for a ban lift via Discord.
    If the account is approved for release, all ECoin and Alz from the account will be removed.

    :eek: 12. Real Money Trading (RMT)

    Real Money Trading is allowed on Codezero, except ACCOUNT SELLING!
    You can sell anything except accounts.
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